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President Koji Kawakita

Dai-ichi Ceramo Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 as a 100% affiliated company of DKS Co. Ltd., when demand for powder injection molding (PIM) feedstocks was surging.
Based on our proprietary binder and mixing technology, we have developed and commercialized ceramic powder injection molding (CIM) feedstocks and metal powder injection molding (MIM) feedstocks.
Going forward, we will leverage the strengths of the DKS Group and continue to develop technology for unique products related to powder and resin mixing, aiming to become a shining uni-top company. All employees will work together to make every effort to gain the trust of our customers.
We look forward to your continued support in the future.

Quality First Cost Reduction   R&D Efforts


Based on the basic philosophy of “Quality First”, “Cost Reduction” and “R&D Effort”, which are the company's lessons of the parent company, DKS Co. Ltd., we will do our best to create products that satisfy our customers.

Quality First

Cost Reduction

R&D Efforts

Corporate Data

Corporate name Dai-ichi Ceramo Co., Ltd.
Address: 432 Gokasho Hiyoshi-cho, Higashiomi, Shiga 529-1403, Japan
Phone: +81 748 48 5377
Fax: +81 748 48 5322
President and CEO Koji Kawakita
Establishment October 1988
Shareholder DKS Co. Ltd.
Capital JPY 50,000,000
Description of Business PIM feedstock products
ISO 9001 ISO logo

Registration number:JQA-QMA14290


1988 The PIM division of the ceramics research group of DKS Co., Ltd. established Dai-ichi Ceramo Co., Ltd.
2011 ISO 9001 certification acquired
2018 30th anniversary of establishment


Company appearance
5 minutes by taxi from JR Notogawa station
5 minutes by bus from JR Notogawa Station; 1 minutes walk from Gokasho Hiyoshi bus stop