We have a continuous and complete production system from R&D to final inspection via prototype designing, testing and production. Our plant is fully equipped with different-sized dispersion mixers whose mixing volume capacities range from 3 to 35 L per batch to meet customer needs.

Production facilities

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Multiple production lines that are divided to prevent cross contaminations

Prototype equipmentTrial production equipment

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Smaller batch sizes also available on the initial testing phase as per requirement.

Test and analysis equipment

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We technically assist your product development through PIM processing e.g. mixing, molding, debinding, sintering and analysis in small batches.

Production equipment

Our plant is equipped with multiple dispersion mixers the volume capacities of which are 20 and 30 liters per batch.
The production lines/areas are divided and separated so that no cross contamination occurs.

Dispersion mixers

Blended powder is mixed with a specific amount of binder material in a dispersion mixer at an elevated temperature until the powder particles are uniformly coated with the binder. The obtained compound has exceptional uniformity.


Compound is directly charged to a pelletizer from the dispersion mixer to make uniform pellets through a cutting process. These pellets are called feedstock.

Trial production equipment

We have multiple dispersion mixers, the volume capacities of which are varied from 30 cc to 3 L per batch, to suit each customer’s requirement to either test or develop new materials.

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Injection molding

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Injection molding machine

Injection molding machine

Laboratory mixer

Laboratory mixer

Test and analysis equipment

We have a wide range of testing and analysis equipment for contract (OEM) manufacturing and custom development for customers.

Capillary rheometer flowtester

Evaluates flowability and thermal properties. Flow rate is related to the setting of the injection molding machine.

Thermal analyzer (TG-DTA)

Analyzes binder content in feedstock batch by batch for the purpose of securing uniform shrinkage.

Laser particle size distribution analyzer

Particle size distribution of raw material powder is one of the most important parameters to specify ideal binder content in feedstock.

Precision universal tester

Measures mechanical strength of finished components such as tensile strength and bending strength.