Our Business

We produce Powder Injection Molding (PIM)
feedstock made from advanced powders and binder materials that are suited to customer needs.
A number of technologies are required for blending powder and binders uniformly in precise amounts, and we are ready to offer as much support as possible with our accumulated know-how to create a high-quality PIM feedstock from typical metal or ceramic powders or completely new powder materials.


We produce PIM feedstock made from a wide variety of materials.
We also produce tailor-made PIM feedstock from the powder and binder offered by customers in the form of contract manufacturing.

Material Applications
Ceramics feedstock Zirconia (ZrO2) Optical communication connection parts (ferrules, sleeves), industrial machinery parts
Alumina(AI2O3)Yarn guide, electronic parts
Metal feedstock Pure iron(Fe) Printer parts
Stainless steel (SUS)Watch parts, orthodontic parts, industrial
Cobalt alloyOptical communication equipment parts
Tungsten (WC、W)Watch parts, weights

PIM manufacturing process

A powder material is mixed with a thermoplastic binder at an elevated temperature using a dispersion mixer.
The obtained compound is then cooled and pelletized. The pellets (the feedstock) are then quality inspected and shipped to our customers.
At our customer’s facilities, the feedstock is injection-molded, debinded/sintered and quality inspected to be the customer’s product.

Dai-ichi Ceramo’s process Making feedstock
Customer’s process